Learn How to Install Clay Roof Tile in 7 Easy Steps



Clay roofing system ceramic tiles are very popular as they develop an appealing Mediterranean look. They’re resilient as well as lightweight, making them perfect for sure roofing systems, and they provide better insulation when as compared to comparable materials such as ceramic floor tiles. When installing clay floor tiles, selecting the best size, color and setup method, which depends upon the kind of clay tile, are necessary variables.


The Right Slope

Clay floor tiles work well on roofing systems with slopes more than 20 levels.


As the incline enhances, it enhances the looks of the floor tile, making it perfect for cathedral-type roofings. Prior to starting, ensure that the surface area is level; if it’s not, apply mortar or a thin-set product to level the surface area.


The Right Roofing Rug

One of the most vital factors to consider for setting up clay floor tile is to have a terrific roof rug. The product made use of listed below the clay ceramic tile is an important element that will certainly influence the floor tile’s toughness. Normally, the rug is made from asphalt-saturated roof material covering all area below the floor tile clay cover. Guarantee that it’s appropriately connected or set up or you can end up with overlying floor tiles rather swiftly. Mount an additional layer near the roof edge and in valleys to protect the surface a lot more. As a minimum, cover all decks with 2 layers of No. 30 asphalt-impregnated roofing really felt or one layer of No. 43 covered base sheet.


Choosing the Right Clay Ceramic Tile

Select clay floor tiles based on the climate of your geographical area as they are made to withstand different environmental problems.


The most typical sort of clay tiles consist of:


Slate: Thin rectangular areas of rock that come in differing dimensions as well as densities.

Simple tiles: Little rectangular sections of clay with a smooth or sanded surface coating.

Pantiles: A distinct clay floor tile with an “S” shaped account.

Roman floor tiles: Just like pantiles but with a cross-section that is level with a little roll.


Ways To Mount Clay Tiles

After setting up the underlay, it’s time to install the metal blinking around smokeshafts, conduits, vents and also where the roofing system meets a vertical wall. A 28 gauge corrosion-resistant blinking is advised. Follow these straightforward actions to mount your clay ceramic tiles:


Setting the first ceramic tile on the batten with the crown facing up as well as facility the floor tile from side to side. Drive a 10d nail at the base of the clay ceramic tile right into the batten. Don’t overdrive the nail. Validate that the floor tile looms completion of the batten by 2 inches.

Add some mortar below the first clay tile to provide additional support.

Mount another ceramic tile atop the internal end of the initial. Step from the outer end as well as change completion of the 2nd tile.

Toenail the 2nd ceramic tile to the batten similarly you installed the first one.

Place two floor tiles to the other end of the ridge and also mount them as you performed with the previous one. I know one Miami roofing contractor.

Procedure the width the ridge from the outer ends of the initial floor tiles at each end of the ridge. Subtract 16 inches as well as separate the outcome by 8 to establish the variety of tiles to install.

Begin at the 2nd floor tile at one end of the ridge. Install the floor tiles toward the center of the ridge from end to end and also install half the variety of ridge tiles. Work from the contrary end and also install the remaining floor tiles to the facility of the ridge. A crucial tile sets up at the facility of the ridge with mortar.