Stay In Best Health Condition With Vegan Diet

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Let’s face it, something is not right with the method things are. Why is it that in the poorer areas of China hardly understand what weight problems, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are,¬†yet in the West, with all our contemporary medication, wealth, knowledge and access to food, we have upsurges that cause us to suffer a lot. No longer do our loved ones die of old age, but usually heart problem. No longer is old age a time of happiness for numerous, as it is generally filled with arthritis, osteoporosis, heart issues and other “contemporary” illness.

Why does this occur, there need to be something we are doing wrong. Yes there is, it’s our food.

Dr T. Colin Campbell thought animal protein was essential for great health, and he set off to the remote regions of China, where they predominately live on a vegan diet, and he found the opposite. Test after test revealed that our “poorer” pals in China were in reality healthier than us. They live longer, and their quality of health far surpasses anything we have in the modern-day world while consuming meat. Heart disease and diabetes were almost non current, and so was cancer and obesity. The Doctor was stunned and wrote a book called The China Study, that expounds the myth that a meat diet is required for human health. The results are unassailable.

However what about calcium, protein and iron? Don’t we have to consume milk to get calcium, and consume meat to get protein. The responses are no. In fact the Physicians Committee for Accountable Medicine did a research study that revealed that taking in milk does not add to bone density. This is due to the high amount of sulfur containing amino acids in the milk, which acidifies the body and really leaches calcium from the bones. And what about protein? In fact vegans can be incredibly strong, a fast search on Google for “vegan body builder” rapidly dispels that myth. Numerous vegan foods are high in protein, calcium, iron and all other nutrients. Besides the RDA of protein for the typical male is just 60 grams a day, yet the majority of us eat that much simply for breakfast. In reality too much protein is eliminating us!