Using Social Media to Keep Up With the Latest Women’s Style and Fashion

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Nowadays social media plays a huge part in most of our daily lives, shown by the incredible 400 million Facebook and 22 million twitter users, and this number continues to grow. The introduction of these applications on cellular phones means we can now immediately access them anytime and anywhere.

No longer are fashion enthusiasts having to wait for magazines to be released so as to read about the latest fashion news, the information is now readily available through the use of social networking sites.

Top designers such as Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein are now using social media as a means of showing live-streams and widgets to an audience, who can not just give their opinions on latest designs, but these designers are now able to participate in conversations with their captive audience. CheckĀ fashion website agencies also. It’s a fantastic method to increase their market and decipher which trends are popular and which fashions viewers want to know more about. Many use attractive advertising to encourage users to see their sites, it can greatly increase their coverage, as well as their profits.

Social networking has also helped to catapult Fashion Week to another level, as viewers are now able to immediately view the latest catwalk shows, and keep abreast of the newest trends and designers. Previously, this event could have seemed out of reach for a lot of us, but today we have the ability to gain more knowledge and understanding of the latest trends.

This particular website allows users to upload and discuss photos of these, so you can get some inspiration from women with the identical body shape and similar fashion. It also has a forum where the fashion community can come together and discuss style ideas and advice. This type of social media lets us take a gigantic step away from the usual tall, skinny models which we always see gracing the covers of magazines, and allows us to compare ourselves with real, everyday people. It also gives us a great way to express ourselves and participate with other fashion enthusiasts.

Another innovative fashion website, taking advantage of social media is Polyvore. This website has a very unique’drag and drop’ interaction option that allows users to pick from a choice of styles and mix and match them to create the perfect look. With this refreshing feature, you can keep up to date with the latest ladies trends and fashions, and even make up your own fashions, without leaving the house. These types of social media are allowing for a completely new way for people to express themselves and use the most recent styles.